Anonymous: You made the popular page on ig. I screen shot it. I don't really know you. But I know of you so I thought it was dope.

Noo way, send me the screenshot!

Last nights henny party for my sissy’s bday…#wild
17:32"I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away."

A Tribe Called Quest | Find A Way

Michael Schmidt - Sophisticates, 2012       Paintings
Happy birthday to the one and only @Pharrell! 🙌💖 One of my biggest inspirations as an artist ever since his N*E*R*D days up to now…I’ll never forget the day he acknowledge me and this drawing man…a motivation to stay creative and keep doing what I love.  #drawing #pencil #art #pharrell #williams #genius #hbd
Anonymous: if your still single in a year im going to bring u on a date

Pretty sure I’ll be single so ok! Lol

Anonymous: babe u always look good to me

Thank uu

Anonymous: damn girl ... looking so pretty

aww thank u! i feel more myself with dark hair lol


i need love